Domaine Jacques Prieur

Established in Meursault in the late 18th century, Domaine Jacques Prieur has 21 hectares of vines in the greatest terroirs in Burgundy. "You can never totally possess a wine estate. You can only be a steward and caretaker of something to pass on to future generations". This quote is particularly true of Jacques Prieur, and the Domaine's history, its wines, and the families that have owned it are the perfect illustration of Burgundy's timeless character. The Domaine's strong point is to bring together under one name a selection of wines from the most prestigious terroirs in Burgundy.

From Le Montrachet to Le Chambertin, by way of Le Corton, Les Echézeaux, and Le Musigny, the Domaine owns vineyards in some 22 appellations, including the most mythical in the Côte d'Or. Consisting entirely of Grands Crus and Premiers Crus (except for Clos de Mazeray in Meursault, an exclusivity), the Domaine produces famous white and red wines. However, even the most superb terroir is nothing without experienced, passionate men and women to make the most of it. Since 1870, the families in charge of the Domaine have given priority to providing the utmost care and attention to their vines in order to preserve the soil and provide a fine environment to the vines, all viticultural practices are either sustainable or organic...

Domaine Jacques Prieur是Beaune区相当杰出的酒庄之一,该家族早在1805年时就已在Volnay村酿酒。但是,使这个姓氏声名大噪的则是Jacques Prieur先生。他在1930年代时鼓吹反抗当时勃艮地酒商通过不实标示产地而获利的行径,因而遭到酒商的联合抵制。因此,他的酒庄被迫开始自行装瓶及销售,因而开勃艮地当时自行装瓶的风气之先河。能酿出好酒的人除了要有天份以外,用心也是十分重要的。有时可能还要有一点正义感和正直,与一颗愿意与别人分享的心。如果有机会再接触到他的酒时,我们会用不同的心情去品尝他对酒的执着与热情。 杰克皮特酒庄建于18世纪末的莫尔索。它在勃艮第拥有21公顷最具绝佳风土的葡萄园。

“你永远不能完全占有一个酒窖。你只能是作为一个管理者或看守者将某些东西交予后人。”这段引述出自杰克皮特酒庄,并且庄园的历史,它的葡萄酒,和拥有它的家族,都是勃艮第永恒特徽的完美表现。 这家庄园的优点是将来自勃艮第最有威望的风土的葡萄酒精选出来,归于一个名下。包括全部的特级园和一级园(莫尔索的Clos de Mazeray 除外),这家庄园生产闻名世界的红、白葡萄酒。 然而,如果没有丰富经验,最好的风土也是白费,极富热情的人们为之做出了巨大努力。从1870年起,这个家族掌管庄园后首先为他们的葡萄树提供了最好的照料和关注,保护土壤并为葡萄树提供一个良好的生长环境,所有葡萄栽培活动都是可持续或有机的。