Domaine Codier

Located on the famous village of Fuisse, the family winery was created in 1945 and is covering 30 hectares with more than 100 differents vineyardsin the bests Terroirs of Pouilly Fuissé , Saint Véran , and Macon Fuissé appellation.
Working in a ‘Haute Couture’ style Christophe is perfectionist, very requiring about details and produces outstanding wines with truly reveals the best of each terroir!

Cordier described 2014 as “a very good year in which the ripeness came slowly and steadily, without loss of malic acidity.” Never a particularly late harvester, he began in 2014 on September 10, reporting that natural sugars were around 13%--“not too high, but we didn’t chaptalize.” He took 20 days to pick in ’14, which he described as “long for the region and for mono-cépage. If 2014 lacks the great ripeness of an outstanding year, the wines are very linear, consistent and balanced and the grapes were perfectly healthy.”

Christophe Cordier “Hero of the Year” by Robert Parker (Wine Advocate)

Christophe Cordier “Winegrower of the Year” by Bourgogne Aujourd’hui

The originality and gustative signature of the Domaine Cordier lies in this desire not to cultivate its own “specific taste”, a set style.
Rather its desire is to continuously work on a difference of taste, that small specific gustative touch, specific to each terroir and to each wine.
“Let the soil speak, express the terroir and its vintage”, we can resume in these terms the quest of the Christophe Cordier.