Chateau de Chamirey

Erected in early XVIII Century, the present appearance of the Château de Chamirey is due to the towers that have been built at the end of the XVIII Century, after a fire destroyed the adjacent chapel. At that time, Dupaty de Clam family sells the property to Marquis de Jouennes d'Herville family.
Nowadays, Amaury et Aurore Devillard represent the 5th generation of Burgundy people, wine's men and women.
In 1934, their grand-father, Marquis de Jouennes, as a forerunner, decides to bottle the wines of Château de Chamirey, at the Domaine.
Then, his son-in-law, Bertrand Devillard, carried on his work and extends the Domaine in the best terroirs of Mercurey, to
reach its present size of 95 acres.
The 95 acres of Chateau de Chamirey -of which 38 are amongst the most renowned Premiers Crus of the appellation- are planted with 10 000 plants/2.5 acre, according to Burgundy tradition. This is the most important density, compared to all other wine producing areas, and a practice that guarantees high quality wines.
Vineyards are run in a reasoned wine-growing way.
The medium age of the vineyards is 35 years old.
We know what taking risks means at Château de Chamirey, waiting for the optimal maturity, which is reached when the pips crunch under the teeth and have lost all their bitterness.
The grapes are hand harvested, then sorted out before going in vats, in order to eliminate the unmature and damaged ones. Vatting is long and divided into three steps:
pre-fermenting maceration, maceration, post-fermenting maceration. The wines are then aged mostly in oak barrels (around 18 months), of wich a quarter is changed every year.
Château de Chamirey is bottled when the wines are on their fruit and flower primary aromas.