The Cellier aux Moines

The Cellier aux Moines, a historical landmark of Givry, was established in 1258 by the Cistercianmonks. The Cellar was built in 1298 while the barrel cellar was built in the XIV century and the remaining buildings have been graduallyadded until the XVIII century. The Cellar represents a unique example of architecture in Burgundyand is registered as a Historical Landmark. It overlooks the village and vineyards of Givryand offers a breathtaking view.
The Cellier aux Moines remained a monks’ property until the French revolution. It was sold in1790 to a family which owned it for almost 3 centuries. In 2004, the Cellier aux Moines and itssurrounding vineyards were bought by the Pascal Family
Benchmark of the Givry appellation, the winery owns 4.5 hectares and only produces a 1st Cru.