Domaine d’Ardhuy

Domaine d’Ardhuy is located in the Clos des Langres, which has been synonymous wit exceptional wine since the monks of the Abbaye de Cîteau planted the first vineyards in the 10th century. Four generations of the d’Ardhuy family have owned this 45 hectare estate, the vineyards of which stretch from Puligny-Montrachet to Corton Charlemagne and produce 40 different wines (mainly grands crus and premier crus).

达哈瑞酒庄位于金丘正中心的朗格园(Clos des Langres),据说,朗格园还是克吕尼修道院的僧人于10世纪开始栽种的。经过家族四代人的经营,已经将葡萄园扩展至45公顷,从蒙哈榭延伸至科尔登,并酿造多达40余款葡萄酒(主要为特级园和一级园)。