Jean-Luc Baldès

Since 1830 Clos Triguedina has been the cradle of the Baldès family. It is a domain with a rich history: one where the Pilgrims of St Jacques de ompostela would often stop to revive themselves (“Me triga de dina” means “I am longing to dine” in Occitan). Equally it is land which has enabled each Baldès generation to give full display to their knowledge, to their emotions and passions and to their pioneering sense of adventure, identifying them as one of the founding families of the Cahors Appellation. Situated at the heart of the most prestigious of the Cahors vineyards, Clos Triguedina is a place of magical fertility where Jean-Luc Baldès, the 7th generation of Baldès winemakers, seeks to let his “terroir” express its true secrets.

Recognised the world over as a master of the Malbec grape, Jean- Luc Baldès is able to use his talents to exploit unique vines nestling in the twists and turns of the Lot valley. The estate comprises 65 hecatares covering 2nd, 3rd and 4th terraces. The working philosophy of Jean- Luc Baldès consists of respecting the identity and nature of his vines, enabling man and land to work together in perfect harmony. It is this rare understanding which has guaranteed Clos Triguedina’s right to be part of the small and elite body of vineyards which can boast the national Qualenvi certification and is testament to its constant striving for quality, cleanliness and the safeguarding of the environment.

Innovation is at the core of this audacious range of wines: the exceptional New Black Wine, born out of heating the grapes, the incomparable Prince Probus, the three new Premier Crus which represent a huge leap forward in the classification of Cahors wines, the sweet white which is harvested so late in the year and Bul’s, the first ever sparkling Malbec. Jean-Luc Baldès’s range of wines is one you can savour and understand better on the following pages…. Jean-Luc Baldès is driven by a single-minded ambition: To offer great wines, recognised as classics of their kind, as marks of quality in terms of maturity of fruit, balance and elegance and clearly revealing the unique nature of the land they come from. With the help of his wife Sabine and a dedicated team of workers and allied to a pioneering spirit, Jean-Luc Baldès knows just how to make use of his remarkable talents - creating an award-winning array of fine wines which adorn the very best dining tables in France and across the globe.