Trois Rivières

 A NOBLE HERITAGE AND AN EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION Trois Rivièreswas founded in the 1660s by Nicolas Fouquet, Minister of Finance under Louis XIV. It is the largest and one of theoldest in Martinique. Martinique, in the French West Indies, is the pearl of theCaribbean and the birthplace of "agricole” rhums. The 220 hectares of Trois Rivières sugarcane fields overlookmajestically the azure blue sea, in the south-west of theisland, the sunniest and the warmest area.The Plantation owes its name to the “three rivers” on the estate: Bois d’Inde, Oman and St Pierre.

 AUTHENTIC AGRICOLE THUMS WITH AOC LABEL Trois Rivières offers a range of premium “agricole rhums” obtained by distilling fermented pure fresh sugercane juice in the respect of traditional methods. Trois Rivières benefits from the AOC Martinique label, a stamp of excellence for rhums connoisseurs.  ELEGANCE, FRESHNESS, AND DISTINCTION The aromatic intensity and the maritime personality of ourrhums derive from our exceptional terroirassociated to ourdistinctive know-how make Trois Rivières to be the best rhum brand. The iconic azure blue color on the packaging and thewindmill emblem are unique and distinctive symbols.