Marques de Cacerès

MARQUES DE CACERES, a brand of international renown Founded in 1970 by Enrique Forner, at Cenicero in the heart of Rioja Alta, the bodega is today considered one of the top ambassadors of Spanish wines in the world. Having contributed towards increasing the potential of Rioja’s vineyards and having spread its notoriety to all corners of the globe, year after year, this family bodega continues to be a reference for the region.

“Wine means everything to us is the family motto”. MORE THAN FOUR DECADES OF EXISTENCE AND A PROGRESSIVE APPROACH From Bordeaux to Spain, the family homeland The family abandoned Spain at the end of 1936 to go into exile in France where they acquired a long, professional experience in various wine regions, especially in Bordeaux where in 1963 they purchased Château Larose-Trintaudon & Château Camensac, Gran Cru Classé in the Haut-Médoc. “Wine is our essence” according to Enrique Forner who at the age of 18 found himself with the family destiny in his hands when his father died in 1943.

At the end of the 1960’s, he decided to go back to his roots in Spain with the aim of creating unique quality wines. He founded Marqués de Cáceres in 1970 in Rioja Alta with a new style of wines, considerable effort and sacrifice, and a clear vocation towards the export markets as a guarantee towards the future. A family friend, the Marqués de Cáceres lent his title to the wines that were to defend the image of the Spanish nobility. Forner who at that time many described as a visionary and innovator, valued concepts not yet appreciated in Rioja before his arrival.

The principles on which he based his project were a search for quality, sparing no efforts commencing at vineyard level, the development of a coherent commercial policy and ongoing investment in every single process related to wine. He also encouraged several initiatives to reform the rules within the DOCa to reinforce its credibility, such as mentioning the actual vintages of the wines on the labels. In the late 60’s, the red wines in Rioja were traditionally produced from a blend of wines from various zones in Rioja. Such wines of little body were aged for excessive periods in old barrels resulting in a uniform style with a strong oak flavour. The white and rosé wines too were marked by the oak barrels, resulting in an oxidative character. The bodega broke with these traditions and geared its project towards achieving top quality, commencing at vineyard level and based on past experience in the vinification of fine wines.

A wager on the “terroir” for origin and quality The Bodega focussed on the vineyards and on selecting the grapes, which implies on-going and intense efforts to identify the best parcels depending on the weather, quality of the soil, age of the vineyards and the resulting yields. This tireless assignment was the only means of extracting full potential from the vineyards and of obtaining the necessary raw materials to create great wines. Marqués de Cáceres also considered that the different categories of wines – crianza, reserva, gran reserva and special cuvees – should originate from different choices of grapes and vinification processes to express in full the character of each zone and in turn the singularity of each type of wine.

A new school of oenology Commencing with healthy and mature grapes that are especially selected for each type of red wine, Marqués de Cáceres implements a long maceration to extract full potential in colour, aromas, tannins and structure so as produce wines apt for ageing in barrel and in bottle. The bodega does not merely fulfil the minimum ageing requirements imposed by the DOCª. In an endeavour to extract maximum personality from the grapes, the length of time spent in barrel is adapted to suit the desired character in each type of red wine. French oak represents 60% of the total, which is completed with American oak. This is followed by a prolonged period in bottle. The resulting wines show rich and charming fruit that mingles with soft tannins and refined notes of spice. At the same time, the range of white and rosé wines were to set an example in freshness and vivacity revealing in full the mineral, fruity character of these wines. Marqués de Cáceres, fine wines for pleasure The Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva red wines show great personality with their concentration, dark cherry colour and rich fruit wrapped in delicious tannins.

The young and fresh white and rose wines are a delight to savour, and Antea combines fruit and balanced complexity to merit a place amongst Spain’s top white wines. Finally, the premium wines: Gaudium combines tradition and modernity to reveal its elegant concentration. This forms a perfect duo with MC Red, a young wine with flair and dense, unctuous fruit, swathed in soft tannins. Working towards the future Whilst the initial stages were difficult, Marqués de Cáceres has gradually expanded throughout the world to become a leading brand with a high level of recognition amongst both consumers and the specialized press. The founder retired in 2007 passing on the responsibility of the company to his daughter Cristina, who has the loyal support of a highly professional team that have participated in promoting the bodega from the outset.

With this family heritage and having dedicated 28 years to working in exports and in other relevant areas of the company, Cristina faces up to future projects to consolidate the presence of their wines in the 120 countries to which they export, as well as in Spain. Her company philosophy considers that wine should reveal the passion of its origin, the professionalism and creativity of the oenologists, as well as the strong element of artistry that helps nature deliver its best fruits. At the same time, this conviction has to respond to the demands created by increased competition with internationalization as a means of spreading her wines throughout the world within a cultural context so as to attract consumers who love fine wines as part of their life-style.