Bodegas Roda

Bodegas Roda, placed beside the Ebro River, in a balcony of thestation district of Haro, on a centenary Cellar. Although the founding of Roda goes back to 1987, a vineyard on a terrace jutting out likethe bows of a ship from the Haro Barrio de la Estacion to theriver Ebro was transformed into the current winery location.

Here, anunderground cellar, reaching down 12 metres below the surface, was once used inthe 19th century, when local wine growers stored their vintages there beforeshipping them by rail to Bordeaux to alleviate the crisis caused by thephylloxera epidemic.

Legend has it that the superb and smoothjuice from the 1976 vintage remained for 10 years of their fine lees. 10 yearsof rest, becoming ever richer, smoother, more mineral, ripe citrus fruit,spices, stones…

A vigneron is like their terroir, always learning and, with the passage of timeand ever-increasing experience, gaining a deeper understanding of their vines. Bit by bit – rock by rock – they are refining the way we work through a blendof passion, mutual respect, wisdom, constant questions and innovation. In thepalm of our hands!