Bodega Protos

A legend is born Protos, which comes from the Greek word for "FIRST", has the pride and the privilege of having found maturity and ease in the best and the foremost of the wineries in the area and of having been a recognized trademark all this time. In 1927, boldness and the love a group of local vine growers felt for the land achieved the union of their best efforts, creating the Winery, the Foremost in the Ribera. A project for the future that has not only reached our days intact, it has grown and multiplies year by year and has taken its name proudly to the highest international levels.

The 30s represented its definite settlement at the international level. The 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona gave a particularly strong impulse to this tendency, awarding Gold Medals to its red wines. A growing brand The company's rapid growth brought about the problem of lack of space for the first time and the Winery began its expansion throughout the region. The construction of a wine-aging cellar began in the heart of the mountain holding up the Castle of Peñafiel. The quality and prestige the Winery acquired in the eighties led a highly recognized vine-growing area to take on its own name, Ribera del Duero, to identify the D.O. Control Board that watches over the quality of area wines. In 1995, the wine-aging cellar was enlarged and the Winery succeeded in the international winemaking panorama.

The project continues growing: In the town of Anguix (Burgos), Protos has acquired a winery that has the latest cutting-edge technology. It can produce up to three million kilos of grapes, of which 1.5 million kilos go through the sorting table. Vineyard The Bodegas Protos technical department conducts comprehensive controls of the vineyard, in an ongoing pursuit for the utmost quality each year in preparing our wines.

This is no easy task, given that it entails controlling 1,400 hectares spread throughout the Ribera del Duero region. We strive for excellent quality and for this reason, we have located our vineyards in the best estates and in areas that are best suited to growing Tempranillo grapes (100%). This vast number of hectares is spread out over numerous plots with an average size of around 1 hectare, highly dispersed throughout the Ribera del Duero region (spanning the best areas in the provinces of Valladolid, Burgos and even Segovia).

Most of our vineyards are planted on south-facing hillsides, in search for the hours of sunlight needed for optimal ripening. There are highly diverse soil types along the Duero River, but in general, the area features loose, not very fertile soils that have limited organic matter, and in which limestone is sometimes a predominant element. In most cases they have a loamy or sandy loam texture. Our vineyards range in elevation from those located on plateaus, at elevations of up to 900 metres, to those located in valleys, where the topography ranges from 750 to 800 metres.

Wine making The guiding philosophy of Protos at work is "Quality above all". For this reason, the whole process leading to the production of wine undergoes an in-depth analysis. The vineyards are controlled exhaustively by our technicians and experts throughout the growth cycle, yielding a production of the highest quality. This also gives them in-depth information about all the grapes to be used in our elaboration before they reach our facilities. Harvesting is 100% manual. For the last years, half of the production is gathered in 20-kilo boxes; the grapes are then spread over sorting tables.

This allows us to guarantee that only completely healthy, whole grapes reach the fermentation tanks. Due to its great concern about quality and thanks to a strong investment, Protos has developed a unique R&D&I programme that not only analyzes grapes but also works on barrels purchased from different suppliers.