Poboleda, DOQ Priorat, Catalunya, Spain. The area is located in the north-east of Spain. Beautiful ancient vineyards from 35 to 80 years old native varieties: Garnatxa (Grenache) and Samso (Carignan). Is based on the wisdom of the ancient vineyards of Garnatxa and Samso, and the old tradition of winemaking from the ancient vine growers.  Our knowledge to express the environment of these wild vineyards among the majestic Priorat mountains.

Acustic wine, sensitive from the roots of these ancient vineyards. _ Expressing and reivindicating the quality and singularity of the traditional viticulture against the globalization of the international varieties and modern winemaking style. It is possible to make fine and smart wines using the traditional varieties and expressing a unique singularity. _ Coming back to the traditional roots of the vineyards. The secret of acustic wines _ Old Garnatxa and Samso (Carinyena) _ Poor stony soil, it makes the vine suffer having very low yield (15-25 hl/hect.) _ Extreme weather conditions: very cold winter and dry hot summer.

The Cellar  Acústic cellar, an old cellar from the 18th Century with underground tanks used to make bulked wines 200 years ago, now they are aging our calmed acustic wines.  Oaky traditional pressing machine is used to preserve the quality and identity of the wine.  The wine is racked by gravity to the underground tanks to keep the fruitiness Working on the vineyard.  Old vineyards were planted when vinegrowers used horse or donkey for vineyard labors. Now as they can’t be worked by tractor, labors are made by human work. ‘’Acustic is establishing itself as one of the finer producers in the up-and-coming region of Montsant.The wines are made from the indigenous varieties of the region with vine age ranging from 40-100 years’’– by Jay Miller (