The brand ZOCO is created in 1956 in Navarra region located in the NorthEast of Spain, and shortly became the best selling pacharán. Now, Zoco is the oldest and leading brand ofPacharán The name ZOCO is in fact the surname of a football player called IGNACIO ZOCO. PACHARÁN = Sloeberries + Aniseed Sloeberries is the fruit from Prunus Spinosa, also known as SLOE or BLACKTHORN, is a small tree with blackish bark and stiff, spiny branches.

It belongs to the family of prunes. Aniseed: The seed of Pimpinela Anisum contains anethol, the essential oil that gives the flavour. Massive brand awareness: 72% of liquor consumers mentionZOCO first when asked for the name of a pacharán brand. Authentic: The real pacharán from Navarra: Member of Navarra Regulatory Council, all the sloes come from Navarra.