Created in 1971, CARMIM, CRL, is today one of the mains Portuguese wineries and the biggest in Alentejo Region. With over 41 years devoted to the production of high quality wines and olive oils, with an average yearly production around 18 million liters and having achieved a leading position in the Portuguese domestic market, CARMIM is now pursuing the goal of becoming an important player in the worldwide wine business. The Vineyards Soils: the predominant are of granite origin with areas of schist and quartzodiorite derivates.

They are soils of medium to low fertility but with very good natural drainage, with a gentle incline which facilitates exposure to the sun. Climate: Mediterranean and continental. The springs and summers are particularly warm and dry, whereas the winters are truly cold. The average annual temperature is 15.5-16ºC, with the absolute maximum reaching 42.1ºC and an absolute minimum of -5ºC. Average annual rainfall: The average annual rainfall is around 580 mm, concentrated in the winter months. Average hours of sunshine: 3 000 hours/year, the highest in Europe.

Cultivation of vines: The vast majority of vines are cultivated on an environmentally friendly manner, subject to integrated protection practices which significantly reduce the use of pesticides. The warm dry climate of the Alentejo further favours this type of practice. The traditional guidance system is the low vine on a trellis, with upward vegetation, with small to medium vegetative growth, normally pruned in "bilateral cordon" or in "double Guyot". The Winery Being one of the 3 major wineries in Portugal, faithfully reproduces the typicality, diversity and quality of the Alentejo and the terroir of Reguengos Monsaraz in particular, with its varied soils and grape varieties