Our passion for wine was born in 1900 when Uncle Piero Zecchini, known as “Bigaj”, a cellarman by trade, was working for a few wineries in the area. This passion was handed down through the generations and subsequently matured when Sante Zecchini in 1998 decided to embark on a new adventure. The Zecchini Winery is a family business that was born with a passion: love for the land and for all good things. The name Valpantena, the valley of all gods, derives from the Pantheon built at the start of the valley, which highlighted its agricultural vocation, which has been recognized since the Roman era.

This valley, distinguishes itself through its remarkable biodiversity. Apart from vines, we will also find the traditional olive and cherry growths which – besides improving the vine cultivation – create a more varied landscape. The Valpantena climate is home to strong temperature ranges, with marked differences between day and nighttime temperatures. In addition to the excellent and prolonged exposure to the sun, this phenomenon permits the valley to produce a grape that, although ready early, still shows excellent maturation. All these characteristics, put together, result in the aromatic notes, which distinguish its grapes from those of the other valleys of the Valpolicella. Because of these reasons, the Valpantena – as part of the “Denominazione di Origine Controllata Valpolicella” areas, has been officially recognized with the status “cru.

The grapes we love to produce are the traditional ones of Valpolicella: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and a small quantity of recently rediscovered minor varietals such as Oseleta. We place particular importance on grape harvesting, which we carry out entirely by hand, allowing us to select the best grapes as early as the harvest. Lately it has gain a great recognition among the wine industry receiving various awards from Vinitaly and being described as “One of Veneto’s upcoming boutique wineries, producing great wines revealing the characteristic of the region”.