Fratelli Giacosa

FRATELLI GIACOSA winery is located in Neive, near the town of Alba in Southern Piedmont. Founded by Giuseppe Giacosa in 1895, the winery was later expanded by Giuseppe’s son Leone, who devoted all his time to improving the vinification and aging techniques of Alba’s typical wines: Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto.

After 1960, Leone turned the business over to his sons, Valerio and Renzo, who concentrated on the selection of the most renowned crus of the area. Currently, the winery is run by Maurizio and Paolo Giacosa (Valerio and Renzo’s sons). They have continued focusing on varietal correctness, structure, and wines that are harmonious and intense. They have also stopped using pesticides in the vineyards and use solar panels to produce energy. FRATELLI GIACOSA has acquired land in famous crus like Bussia (Barolo) and Basarin (Barbaresco) and offers great values and outstanding quality.