Tenuta Fanti

Fanti winery is in the very heart of Tuscany, in the southern valleys of Montalcino. Since the early XIX century the Estate belongs to the Fanti family. With 200 years of experience and Supported by a team of 25 people with a genuine passion for their job, the Fanti Estate has made its brand loved and popular in more than 30 countries in the world.

The Vineyards: 50 hectares cultivated as specialized vineyard whose 40 hectares at Sangiovese and 10 at other local and international varieties. Age: 10 to 35 years old Soil: Marled soil with heavy stones Altitude: between 150 and 430 mt above the sea level Exposure: Southern and south-eastern Density: between 3500 to 6500 vines per hectare

The work in the vineyard:

- Daily check of the conditions of the vines which allow to use the chemical treatments only when absolutely necessary
- Green manure to add organic nutrients to the soil instead of chemical fertilizers
- Thinning out excess or immature clusters
- Manual harvest

The work in the cellar:

- Sorting tables: hand sorting cluster by cluster and, after destemming, berry by berry
- Chemical laboratory: the winery owns its own lab to make every necessary test at the very moment it is needed
- Technologically advanced equippments: 16 computer-controlled stainless steel vats (115hl) to vinifiy separately each vineyard
- Careful selection of the ageing tools: medium size french oak barrels (3300lt); medium-toasted french oak barriques and french oak tonneaux