Giuseppe Sanzone, one of the first founders of the Settesoli, can describe over the 40grape-harvest in Menfi better than anyone else. Diego Planeta, the president of the Settesoliis best person who can illustrate the introduction of the new international vineyard in 1985.AndDomenico De Gregorio, the oenologist is the only person who can explain simply the preservationof must and process of fermentation.

In Settesoli you can fell the passion shared by 2300viticulturists for 50years. Menfi is a hilly village, which is located between Agrigento’s temples valley and Selinunte’stemples. The vineyards that cover an area of 6500 hectares which are supervised by agronomists.In this territory are cultivated local grape varieties such as: Nero D’avola and Grecanicoas well as international ones: Chardonnay, Viognier, Cabernet Savignon , Merlot and Syrahincluding Fiano. Winery of the Year 2009 for“Value for Money”- Gambero Rosso.