In Greece, 75% of local olive oil production is top quality providing excellent nutritional value as well as an unforgettable taste, whereas Italy and Spain 50% and 30% respectively. Yamas selects the best quality olive oil by picking the best varieties around Greece. Skilled staff has expertise in selecting the best raw materials, by testing hundreds of samples every year and by carrying out organoleptic tests to find the best taste. The climatic conditions ensure a final product with exceptional quality, rich fruity taste, strong aroma and differentiated color.

The strong taste is ideal to compliment dishes with fish, salads and for any food dish for additional flavor. Our mission is unique: To gain a leading position in the global olive oil market. Our version is clear: To ensure that Yamas is the consumer’s first choice when it comes to high quality olive oil. People in the last few years tend to acknowledge more and more the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet on their health. The main pillar of the Mediterranean diet is Greek olive oil. We do not simply sell, but we offer our products to those who appreciate the value of premium quality olive oil.