Polugar N4

Product Code:PL506I

Varietal Composition

AROMA: Sophisticated, delicate, pleasant sweet aroma of aromatic pepper and meadow honey, white flower tone, spices, white pepper notes, bay leaf, pickling brine, salt-cured products, herbs and spices in brine, peaches, apricots, cinnamon, pepper, dried parsley, bay leaf, ginger, hint of basil and nutmeg, warm bread.
TASTE: Tender, embracing, spiced, refined, with pleasant hotness. Honey, rum, sweet sugar syrup, pepper and other spices, dill, ginger, sweets, rye crust, rye bread. Enticed by mint notes and fine notes of pickle.
AFTERTASTE: Rounded, mild, sweet: honey, spices, ginger, nutmeg, rye crust.

Alcohol Volume


Polugar N4