DEUTZ: 2015 harvests - A very promising vintage

01st February 2016
Following reasonable weather conditions in the beginning of the year,
2015 was affected by unprecedented heat and drought in the Champagne

Due to high temperatures and lack of rainfall between the
end of May and mid-August, the growing cycle of the vine got off to a
good start and the vineyards enjoyed perfect conditions for the growth
of healthy vines.

The rainy spell in the second week of August
was however very welcome and stimulated the growth of the berries. The
return of hot, dry weather between the rainy spells ensured that the
grapes ripened quickly and in optimum conditions.

Vineyard Director, Patrick Boivin, set the 8th of September as the
harvest start date. Harvesting was spread out over a fifteen day period
in accordance with the ripeness levels of each individual parcel.

Average yields were in the region of 11,000 kg/ha and the grapes were of exceptionally high quality.

ripeness levels and perfect health conditions were observed in all the
vineyards. A large number of ladybirds (ladybugs) could be found in the
vineyards at the time of picking; a sign of perfect control of vineyard
treatments and the absence of insecticides for several years. Ladybirds
(Ladybugs) have long been present in the vineyards owing to Deutz’s
preference for "sustainable agriculture".

Cellar Master, Michel
Davesne, and his assistant, Olivier Bernard, were more than satisfied
with the balance of the pressed musts with 7.3 g/L H2S04 acidity and
10.6 % alcohol potential on average for all of the grapes harvested,
including the 42 hectares grown by Deutz.

On the exceptional
Deutz terroir, outstanding values of up to 11.6% were recorded in some
Pinot Noir marcs (Aÿ /Mareuil-sur-Aÿ). The same can be said for the
Chardonnays (particularly Le Mesnil and Avize) which displayed perfect
ripeness levels (11% vol. for 7.5 g/L H2S04) and are also looking to be
very promising.

The conditions seem to indicate an outstanding
vintage, and hopefully one that will allow us to produce our vintage
cuvées, and maybe even our renowned Prestige Trio (William Deutz / Amour
de Deutz and Amour de Deutz Rosé). Although, as CEO Fabrice Rosset
reminds us, with a small smile, the wines themselves will decide their
own destiny when the still wine are tasted next spring.